Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 5

I'm going a little rouge for this edition of the totally random promo blog. There will still be random products chosen, but this time they are all by me and will feature shops of my choice. I know some Zazzlers have missed out on these blogs and I would like to highlight a few of them, along with some of my awesome regulars to this blog series. I will go back to Zazzlers choices soon. Today it's all about me and my son and what comes up with another random formula.

Today I'm going by number of pages of products different Zazzlers have, along with numbers of products. Let's see what kind of fun I can have with this!

Here are the designs from my shops:

Pool Party Custom Invitation
Pool Party Custom Invitation by rdwnggrl
Check out Pool Invitations online at zazzle


Here we go with random Zazzlers:

Easter Eggs & Grass Stamp
Easter Eggs & Grass Stamp by HeatherReMix
Check out other Easter Stamps at

A Cute Hoot Owl Magnet
A Cute Hoot Owl Magnet by sfcount
Look at Owl Magnets online at


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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 4

Welcome back to the Totally Random Blog series! 

Today's formula gave the Zazzlers a little bit of a say in what would be chosen for promotion. The first request I had was that they give me one of the "departments" available (art/posters, cards/postage, home/pet, accessories, electronics, clothing, office products, or other products). Then I asked for a number between 1-4 and another number between 1-10. The 1-4 corresponds to one of four sort options, like in Part 3 of the blog series (only this time in a different order). The 1-10 corresponds to the first 10 products that show up under these search parameters.

As always, I will start with what came up from my shop, again with the help of my son.

Proud to be a Teacher Tshirts
Proud to be a Teacher Tshirts by rdwnggrl
Get the best custom shirts online at


And here are the Zazzlers choices:

Mustache Funny Postage Stamp
Mustache Funny Postage Stamp by Ricaso_Postage
Browse Ricaso Stamps online at


HOT Coffee Mug
HOT Coffee Mug by lapatrick1161
Find additional mug online at Zazzle.


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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Totally Random Promo Blog series! 

Today we're bringing you products chosen by a new formula. When looking at products, you can sort your view in 1 of 4 ways - by Newest, Popular, Price Low to High, or Price High to Low. The first request I had for my Zazzlers was a number between 1-4, which attaches itself to one of the 4 sort options. The next request I had for them was a number between 1-60, which leads me to one of 60 products on the search page, and the product grabbed or this blog. 

Let's get started with my shops:
Open Hearts Personalized Announcement
Open Hearts Personalized Announcement by rdwnggrlequality
Browse more Hearts Invitations at Zazzle

And now for my Zazzlers "choices":

Vintage Woodpecker Stationery
Vintage Woodpecker Stationery by Vintage_Gifts
Find more Vintage Stationery at Zazzle

Baby Sparrow Feeding Time Card
Baby Sparrow Feeding Time Card by ChantryAttic
Look at more cards from Zazzle.

Lilac Bouquet Monogram Stationery
Lilac Bouquet Monogram Stationery by sfcount
Check out other Floral Stationery at

Trumpet - T Shirt
Trumpet - T Shirt by lapatrick1161
View Trumpet T-Shirts online at zazzle

CUSTOM business Cards - Country Western
CUSTOM business Cards - Country Western by RanchLady
Look at other Country Business Cards at

Rucking Awesome Shirt
Rucking Awesome Shirt by Ricaso_UK
View British sports T-Shirts online at zazzle

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 2

In part 1 of what will hopefully be a series of totally random promo blogs, I asked Zazzlers for a number, which was then used in a Zazzle search to find the product I would promote. This time I asked for their shop name and two numbers. It's a little hard to explain the method behind my madness, but I will try.

If you do a Zazzle search, a list of "Departments" will appear on the left side of the screen. There are 8 main Departments. The first number, 1-8, gives me the department the product will come from (Cards and Postage, Office Products, Clothing, etc). The second number, 1-3, gives me the product I am grabbing for this blog (one of the first three products to be listed). Make sense? Yes? No? Rest assured, there is a method to my madness and the formula works for this blog. :)

Using my shops as a starter, my husband helped me by giving me the numbers. Here are the products from my shop that came up in this random method:

Baseball Binder
Baseball Binder by rdwnggrl
View other Baseball Binders at

Here are what other Zazzlers "chose":

Cute Olivia VonHoot Postage Stamp
Cute Olivia VonHoot Postage Stamp by Etoonsy
See other Etoonsy Stamps at zazzle

Tiger Birthday Party Announcements
Tiger Birthday Party Announcements by Ricaso_Greetings
Find other Birthday Invitations at

You are loved, Hearts bumper stickers
You are loved, Hearts bumper stickers by Cherylsart
Find other You Bumper Stickers at

Big Pit Poster/Print
Big Pit Poster/Print by helikettle
Find additional posters for sale at Zazzle

Christmas Snowflakes Greeting Cards
Christmas Snowflakes Greeting Cards by Ricaso_Eire
Find more Ricaso eire Cards at Zazzle

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