Friday, June 21, 2013

Io Echo - My Ministry of Love

I had hoped to sit here today, writing about an amazing live set by one of my favorite bands. I wanted to write about the set list, the energy of the band, the reaction of the audience. I wanted to share photographs I had taken, showing off the intensity and enjoyment that comes from a band doing what they love. But I cannot. I was unable to go to the show and the sadness surrounding that is still with me. What I can do, however, is review the debut album by this band - long overdue.

Anyone who knows me knows how essential music is to my life. If you've followed any of my music related blogs, you know that I discovered a band in 2007, opening for Kenna and She Wants Revenge, and was instantly fell in love with this new sound for my senses. I haven't looked back since.

"Ministry of Love" was the highly anticipated, long awaited debut album by Io Echo, led by the incomparable Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross. With 12 songs, some new delights and a few longtime classics, it swims in a sea of serenity. Strong Asian influences and koto harps add to the auditory gratification.

Opening with the haunting "Shanghai Girls"and followed by "When the Lillies Die" the visuals that fill the mind are not soon forgotten. The title track, "Ministry of Love," as well as the song, "Ecstasy Ghost" showcase Ioanna's striking vocals. The remaining eight songs, from the classics "Stalemate" and "Addicted" to the newer "Draglove" and "Forget Me Not," hit the soul with pleasure.

I am heavily biased when it comes to the music of my favorite artists. But I also shoot straight if I don't like something. Here, though, I seriously can't find fault with anything on the album - except maybe that it took so long to get here. It was, however, well worth the wait.

Here is the entire track listing:
Shanghai Girls
When the Lillies Die
Ministry of Love
Tiananmen Square
Ecstasy Ghost
Berlin, It's All a Mess
Forget Me Not
Eye Father

If you have not yet picked up this gem of an album, visit iTunes or Amazon and download or buy the physical copy. Find your way to You Tube to watch videos and live clips. Log on to Twitter or Facebook and follow Io Echo. And if you get a chance - GO SEE THEM LIVE! You will not regret it.

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