Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things - The OOPSY Edtion

There is a designer on Zazzle that I've admired for awhile, but have just recently truly discovered all of the amazing designs and shops she really does have! Her name is Beth and she runs the OOPSY line of shops (along with a few others) on Zazzle. Please visit OOPSY to find links to all of her other wonderful shops!

Take a look at some of my favorite goodies from her OOPSY shops:

That was just a small selection of the fun and funky, sweet and simple designs you will find from this talented Zazzler. As always, it was difficult to choose just a handful of products to show off. I suggest you take a visit to Beth's shops to see what else she has to offer. You won't be disappointed!

Before I sign off, I wanted to bring your attention to one of Beth's other Zazzle shops. It's called Tuscaloosa Alabama and it came about after the horrible devastation caused by a massive tornado on April 27, 2011. She created this shop to raise awareness and funds to help with the recovery. Please take a look, spread the word, and help support this great cause.

Thank you for reading from Rdwnggrl's World!


Cherie said...

Ooopsy is greatsy!!

Wonderful blog Stacy!


OOPSY said...

You are so awesome Stacy! Thank you so much, ESPECIALLY calling awareness to my charity store Tuscaloosa, Alabama. All proceeds go to the Red Cross for the rebuilding of our great city!