Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 8

Sorry for the delay in the latest installment of The Totally Random Promo Blog. I was hoping to get a few more responses to my request for help, but they didn't come, so today's blog will be short and sweet. 
Today's formula included asking for Zazzlers for a specific department from their shops, along with a number between 1-3 (a sub-department in chosen department) and a number between 1-4 (corresponding to newest, popular, price high to low, and price low to high). Then I took the very first product to come up in that category as the product to use in the blog.

As always, I start with my stores, with the help of my son.

Disco Diva Shirts
Disco Diva Shirts by rdwnggrl
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Here are the selections for some of my fellow Zazzlers:

I love ewe neckwear
I love ewe neckwear by Ricaso_Eire
Find more Ricaso eire Ties at Zazzle

Thank you for reading from Rdwnggrl's World!

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Cheryl Paton said...

Cool selection. I especially like the disco diva.