Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 7

And we're back with another totally random promo blog featuring totally random products "chosen" by my fellow Zazzlers.
For this totally random formula, I asked for a shop name, a number between 1-2 (which coordinate to "newest" or "popular" sort order), a number between 1-3 (the column number), and a number between 1-30 (the number of the product grabbed for this blog). 

As always, I'll start with my shops, with numbers chosen by my husband.

Hydrangea Print
Hydrangea Print by rdwnggrl
Look for more office art at


And here are what my fellow Zazzlers chose:

Sailboat motif Throw Pillow
Sailboat motif Throw Pillow by 3Cattails
Browse more Sailboat Pillows at Zazzle

Monsters T-shirts
Monsters T-shirts by Ricaso_Boutique
Create your own custom t shirts at Zazzle

2013 Gay Days T-Shirt
2013 Gay Days T-Shirt by LGBTWeddings
View Lgbt T-Shirts online at zazzle

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