Thursday, September 26, 2013

Christmas is Coming - The Gift Giving Blog Part 3

Today's gift giving ideas from Zazzle are the different types of apparel you can find - t-shirts, leggings, ties, flip flops, and scarves. From the fashion conscious daughter to the dad with a great sense of humor, get them dressed and ready to hit the town with funny, cool, and stylish designs from Zazzle.

Patterned Wall Custom Ties
Patterned Wall Custom Ties by rdwnggrl
Browse more Zazzlefathersdaycontest2011 Ties at Zazzle

Grumpy Mrs. Moon Tie
Grumpy Mrs. Moon Tie by HelenaPion
See other Party Ties at zazzle

Candy Flip Flops
Candy Flip Flops by rdwnggrl
Browse additional Flip Flop Sandals at

Pink Sneaker Athletic Shoe Flip Flops
Pink Sneaker Athletic Shoe Flip Flops by cutencomfy
Shop for Cute Flip Flops online at

Butterflies Scarf
Butterflies Scarf by Ricaso_Boutique
Shop for another scarf wrap online at

Pawprint leggings Paw print Cat Dog Black White
Pawprint leggings Paw print Cat Dog Black White by 17Minutes
Check out more Pawprint Leggings at Zazzle

The Grandmother Tee Shirt
The Grandmother Tee Shirt by Ricaso_Graphics
Browse Humor T-Shirts online at

Hamburger Tees
Hamburger Tees by dradcliffe
Check out other Hamburger T-Shirts at

Pirate Girl Tshirt
Pirate Girl Tshirt by HahpiStuff
Browse Hahpi T-Shirts online at


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