Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Totally Random Promo Blog - Part 10

Here we are with the 10th installment of the totally random promo blog. This one is a little less random, in that I didn't come up with a formula for choosing products to promote. Rather, I asked Zazzlers to just give me a product they'd like promoted. To add a bit of fun, I decided that I would also choose a product from the shops/designers that gave me a product to promote. I chose a few products from my shop as well, so here we go!

Watercolor Hearts Stickers
Watercolor Hearts Stickers by rdwnggrl
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Sail Away Poster
Sail Away Poster by rdwnggrlphotography
Shop for Posters & Prints online at

My Torso Anatomy T-Shirt
My Torso Anatomy T-Shirt by HelenaPion
Find other Customizable T-Shirts at

A Day at the Beach Note Card
A Day at the Beach Note Card by sfcount
Look at more Beach Cards at zazzle


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