Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kenna - A Man, A Musician, A Mission

Music. For some it's just background noise, something to have on while cleaning the house or driving to work. But for others, including myself, it's a way of life. It speaks to us in ways that are hard to explain to those who aren't like us. We hear it differently. We feel it differently. And it moves us differently.

I do not make music. My passion and feelings for it come simply from a lifelong love of lyrics, beats, rhythms, vocals, and emotions. I can only imagine how much more amplified those feelings are for the ones who make music, not only their life, but their career. This is about one of them.

It's no secret how much I love Kenna. In 2003 he hit my world with a force of nature called 'New Sacred Cow'. In 2007 he filled my senses again with 'Make Sure They See My Face'. Since that time he started Summit On The Summit, climed Mt. Kilimanjaro with others & SOTS for the global clean water crisis, and recorded one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard called "Turn" (which can be bought on iTunes). He's also been working on bringing us 'Songs For Flight' - an album nearly 4 years in the making.

In the making of 'Songs For Flight' came the EP Land 2 Air Chronicles: Chaos & The Darkness, the first of 3 EP's, and the song, "Chains." After a less than pleasant "review" from Pitchfork, came news of a musical tragedy - all of the hard work, time, money, and energy that had gone into making SFF and L2AC was lost.

Kenna is not a man making music for the masses. He makes music for himself and for his fans. He makes music with meaning, depth, and sound. Should the masses hear and follow, great. But lack of radio play and superstardom have not, and will not hold him down. Because of this, most of what Kenna does is on his own and with the help of friends. What happened to the files of his music may have caused a big hiccup, but will not stop him. We as his fans and lovers of great music can help. Join the Flight Crew. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and through blogs. Download "Chains" once it's released through iTunes on March 8th. And pre-order the EP, along with other great swag on

I know I can get all fan-girly with the musical artists I love. It's possible that it is over the top at times. My love for music is beyond my control, plain and simple. I can't and won't change that. It's been with me since birth, it'll be with into the afterlife. And if I can do anything to help the artists that need and deserve the praise, then that is what I will do.

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Thank you for reading. Thank you for helping. Thank you from Rdwnggrl's World.

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