Sunday, October 20, 2013

Giving New Life to Old Designs

Everyone on Zazzle has those old designs, maybe a favorite that struck a high note with them, something they thought would be, or could be, popular. Somewhere along the lines, however, it got lost in the shuffle. With all of the new designs we create and all of the new products Zazzle releases, our older designs don't get the love and respect they deserve. This blog is going to change that.
I've asked fellow Zazzlers to share with me a product they've always loved, but seems to have been forgotten about. Let's give these items a boost, shall we?

Staff Meeting Mouse Pads
Staff Meeting Mouse Pads by rdwnggrl
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Love One Another Posters
Love One Another Posters by rdwnggrl
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Corcra Angel Mousepads
Corcra Angel Mousepads by Ricaso_Designs
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Eye Opener Print
Eye Opener Print by Victoreeah
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A Few Loose Screws Tee Shirt
A Few Loose Screws Tee Shirt by dradcliffe
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Cheryl Paton said...

Lots of cool designs here!