Saturday, September 8, 2012

Suck On It! New from Zazzle!

One of the most popular gifts parents-to-be and new parents receive are pacifiers. Pacifiers, binkies, dummies, or whatever name you give them, are a life saver for some parents, giving their babies something to soothe themselves with in times of distress or tiredness.
Sure you can go to WalMart, Target, Babies R Us, or any number of other stores to pick up packs of generic pacifiers. But when you're looking for something extra special for that new bundle of joy, take a look at Zazzle, who now offers customizable and personalized pacifiers sure to make you laugh, smile, and stand out from the crowd. Take a look:

Hello, My Name Is
Hello, My Name Is by rdwnggrl
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Born To Golf
Born To Golf by pinkinkart
Check out more Pacifiers at

Baby Train
Baby Train by rdwnggrl
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Cowboy Up
Cowboy Up by whaleriders6
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BYOB by rdwnggrl
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