Friday, June 4, 2010

Pleasures Remain, So Does The Pain

...words are meaningless and forgetable.

Yes, those are Depeche Mode lyrics. No, that's not really a surprise coming from me. But there is a significance to using lyrics from Enjoy The Silence.
ETS was released in 1990. Another thing released in 1990 - me - from school. This year marks my 20 year high school reunion. It's a hard number to swallow at times, because I don't feel that old, and sometimes it just doesn't seem that long ago that the pleasures and pain of high school took place. My reunion doesn't take place until September, so I'm hoping that between now and then I can come up with the money to go back home and (let me) take (you on) a trip (around the world and) back to see everyone again. The Depeche Mode lyrical inspiration just never dies - not even after all of these years. That's one of things the people I went to junior high and high school with probably still remember about me - even if they don't remember anything else.

I worked at a record store during my senior year of high school - a dangerous place for a music junkie. I was on the yearbook staff (boy did we get some flack with the 89/90 yearbook). I was in drama and I filled up on art classes throughout all of junior and senior high. 20 years later I'm still a music junkie and I still love art. I love to be creative and create. My days on the stage, however, ended with my high school career.

So much has changed in our country in the last 20 years.
Gas in 1990 averaged $1.34 - oh to have those days again!
A new home averaged $123,000. Now you're lucky to get a total fixer upper for that!
George H.W. Bush was the US President and in 1990 his "no new taxes" statement from 2 years earlier went completely out the door.
We entered Operation Dessert Storm in 1990.
Ghost, Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, and Pretty Woman were popular movies.

It's easy to long for the simpler days of youth sometimes. Spending my formative years in the 80s was an adventure and while I'd never want to go back for good to relive it, I certainly wouldn't mind a visit - and I especially wouldn't mind some of those prices again!

However young or old you are - cherish each and every day. Respect the people who come in and out of your life - even if you disagree with them. Their influence for the good and their differences that make you think will shape you and the person you become. And even if you hated school with every ounce of your being, consider revisiting your past when your high school reunions arrive. Thanks to Facebook I am in contact again with people I used to be friends with but lost touch with. And I'm now acquaintances and friends with people I knew but didn't exactly hang out with 20 years ago. Life is a roller coaster, school is a necessary evil, and growing up in inevitable (maturity, on the hand, is an Learn from it, grow with it, and carry on!

Happy 20 years KM Class of 1990 and GO ROYALS!

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